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SGD 3000-16000 per MONTH


Singapore, , Singapore

Company Description

At HoYoverse, we are committed to creating immersive virtual world experiences for players around the world. In addition to game products such as Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd, Tears of Themis, and Honkai: Star Rail, HoYoverse also launched the dynamic desktop software N0va Desktop, the community product HoYoLAB, and created a variety of products such as animations, comics, music, novels, and merchandise around our original creative concept. Adhering to our mission of Tech Otakus Save the World, we have always been committed to technology research and development, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and have accumulated leading technical capabilities in cartoon rendering, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming technology, and other fields. HoYoverse is actively engaged in globalization, with offices in Singapore, Montreal, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul, and other areas.

Job Description

    What You Will Do:

    Are you a passionate and innovative backend engineer, hungry to leave your mark on the world that Tech Otakus are going to save? Our global account team at HoYoverse is on the lookout for exceptional talent to join our ranks as we revolutionize the tech industry with our cutting-edge system to manage all the users at Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, Tears of Themis, Zenless, HoYoLab, etc.

    We serve billions of users in the world, we handle systems with high-volume traffic and we design the most sophisticated, scalable, and robust account system in the industry. Now, we're ready to take our platform to the next level, and we need your help. As a HoYoverse Account Backend Engineer, you'll have the unique opportunity to:

    • Be responsible for the development and maintenance of our global account systems, in charge of the services which serve billions of users.
    • Be responsible for the improvement of the user experience of all the lifecycles, creating the smoothest flow for all our users.
    • Work closely with our security and risk-control teams, to offer best protection on user's accounts.
    • Dive into the global compliance, and build systems that meet the diverse regulations across all countries in the world.
    • Promote good engineering practices as a senior engineer in the team such as chaos engineering, CI/CD pipeline, grayscale deployment, multi-cluster environment, traffic labeling, and unit testing.


    What We Are Looking For:

    • Bachelor's degree (or above) in Computer Science or related programs, with at least 5 years of experience in server-side development.
    • Proficient in any programming language with at least 3 years of experience, though Golang is preferred.
    • Familiar with the development and maintenance of business-critical & large-scale micro-services, understanding services optimization and monitoring.
    • Familiar with web service development and related tech stack, including HTTP, security, database, cache, message queue, etc.
    • Be the owner / go-to person of features you are responsible for, able to independently handle all stages of the development lifecycle including requirement discussion, tech design, development, testing, and delivery.
    • Strong responsibility, willing to challenge yourself to deliver and maintain services with the objective of 0 downtimes.

    Bonus Points:

    • Experienced in account system, be familiar with login flow and the tech stack behind it.
    • Familiar with international compliance/security standards such as ISO-27001, ISO-27701, SOC2, etc.
    • Familiar with common security techniques such as encryption, hashing, KMS services, etc.

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