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SGD 12000-20000 per MONTH


, , Singapore

Company Description

SHEIN is a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to all. We use on-demand manufacturing technology to connect suppliers to our agile supply chain, reducing inventory waste and enabling us to deliver a variety of affordable products to customers around the world. From our global offices, we reach customers in more than 150 countries.

Job Description

    • Responsible for the MySQL database, ensure safe, stable and efficient operation;
    • Responsible for the daily maintenance, including the establishment and deployment of MySQL database, maintenance, and management, data migration, refactoring, etc.;
    • Responsible for MySQL database performance monitoring and optimization, fault handling and disaster recovery;
    • Responsible for slow query optimization of MySQL database, formulating specifications, and training on research and development;
    • Improve the current MySQL database operation and maintenance system, and provide highly available and high-performance MySQL database system services for business.


    • Full-time bachelor degree or above, computer-related major, more than 3 years of professional DBA experience;
    • Master the operating mechanism and architecture of MySQL database, and have excellent MySQL database architecture design capabilities;
    • Master MySQL database performance tuning, monitoring, backup, exception handling, and failure recovery;
    • Master the principles of MySQL replication and high availability, and be familiar with the commonly used high availability architectures MHA, PXC, KEEPALIVED, etc.;
    • Familiar with NoSQL MySQL databases such as MongoDB and Redis, actual maintenance experience is preferred;
    • Familiar with data middleware such as DBproxy, actual maintenance experience is preferred;
    • Proficiency in using Python and shell development tool scripts, experienced in automated operation and maintenance is preferred.

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